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In 2015, while trekking past a small, remote village on the death march track, Neil Silver, Lynette’s husband, noticed a small girl, her face disfigured by an ugly hare-lip and cleft palate, standing apart from the other children. Discovering that the family did not have the means to pay for an operation, and that she was condemned to spend a life shunned by society, the Silvers sponsored the child to undergo surgery, with the help of Likas Bay Rotary Club in Kota Kinabalu and  philanthropic plastic surgeons. The results were immediate and outstanding.

On learning that there were many other children who needed help, the Silvers set up a program, ‘Buy a Smile’, inviting Australians with a connection to Sabah to assist those less fortunate than themselves.  By the end of 2022, with the help Likas Bay Rotary, contributors to the program had bought smiles for more than scores of children, changing their lives forever.




If you would like to help Buy a Smile, please contact Lynette at [email protected]