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Mt Kinabalu

Bring the spirits Home.

Mt Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia, keeps guard over Ranau, where the death marches from Sandakan ended. This beautiful mountain is regarded as sacred by many of the local people, who believe that the spirits of the dead ascend to its summit, protected by the clouds that envelop it.

It is also said that if someone, who understands and respects this belief, undertakes an historical pilgrimage along the death march route to Mt Kinabalu, the spirit of one of the POWs will be liberated, to leave the protection of the mountain peak and return home.

Many family members of the prisoners of war who died at Sandakan, Ranau or on the death marches, are unable to travel to Sabah themselves. As most people whom Lynette accompanies along the death march route have no personal connection to the Sandakan story, families who would like to have the spirit of their POW return home are invited to contact Lynette with the name of their loved one. At a special Service of Remembrance, held on the slopes of Mt Kinabau at the conclusion of the trek, each name will be entrusted to a member of the group, who will then symbolically bring the spirit home.

The name of the POW, and the person who has walked to liberate his spirit, is inscribed in a register. This special act of remembrance will continue until all the spirits have returned home.

If you would like to join Lynette on a special Spirit of Borneo Trek, and bring a spirit home for a Sandakan POW family, go to www.sandakandeathmarch.com, Spirit of Borneo Treks.

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